Getting Started

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To use Boat Timer, open the link to the app in your browser.

The app can be used in the browser, but depending on your device and browser there may also be an “Install” button on the lower left side of the screen. Pressing “Install” creates an icon on your home screen and the app launches without the browser address bar.

The first screen is shown if you have not used the app before and contains a short introduction. Press the OK button to open the Race Grid. The first time you do this, some information is copied down to your computer (classes and countries used to define boats) so it may take a minute or so to complete this depending on your internet connection.

The main screen is called the “Race Grid” and this is where the race officer can add boats, track their lap times and record finishes. Once the Race Grid is displayed, you do not need an internet connection again to use the app. A default race for today with one start is automatically created for you. Use the Race button to edit the race, change the start time or add more starts. Use the Entries button to add boats.

Updates to the app software are automatic and happen in the background when an internet connection is available.