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Boat Timer is an app to make it easier to track a dinghy race in real time and quickly record finish times. After the race the results are calculated automatically using popular rating schemes like the Portsmouth Yardstick.

The main aims in the design of the app were to make it easy to use and reliable. Boat Timer runs on a variety of laptops and tablets. It is useful for most dinghy racing, but was particularly made for club racing where there is small race team who only serve as race officials a few times a year.

The app is free to use. There is a Boat Timer cloud service which can sync information with the app so that progress during the race and results can be made available on the internet and this service does have a fee (as the cloud service costs money to provide and maintain). But the app can be used on its own and is not limited in any way.

Boat Timer runs without an internet connection after the introductory page, so no internet connection is required to time a race.