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On the Race Grid there is a Lap button in the box for each racing boat (unless you have switched on “Finish Mode” – more on that later).

When you press the Lap button the lap count is increased and behind the scenes the lap time is recorded. You can see the latest lap time by clicking on the boat’s box to select it. The lap time appears in the small notice area just above the grid and below the top black bar.

If you record a lap by mistake, click once on the boat and you will see an “Unlap” button on the black bar below the grid.

Once the lap button is pressed it disappears so you know which boats you have recorded. When you press the Update button, the Lap buttons re-appear ready for the next lap.

To see all lap times for a particular boat, select the boat’s box by clicking once and press the Boat button at the bottom right of the display. Choose Edit Entry and scroll to the bottom of that page where all lap times for that boat are shown. Press Done to return to the Race Grid. click on the boat’s box once again to deselect it.