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The results are accessed from the Race Results button on the Edit Race page (use the Race button from the Race Grid).

The results page shows a list of results for each start. The position and elapsed time for each boat is shown. If you have set a Rating System/Type for a start the results will be in order of the calculated/corrected time and the corrected time and rating value is shown.

If the race is part of an event, the event name is shown at the top of the results.

Changing A Result

If a result for a boat is incorrect or a hearing after the race rules that the result for a boat must be changed, return to the Race Grid and select the boat you need to change. Using the Boat button, edit the entry. At the bottom of the Edit Entry page is the date and time the boat finished. Change this to the correct values and use the red “Update Finish” button to save the change. The new time can now be seen in the results.

Export To CSV

If you would like to save the results you can export them to a CSV file. This is also a useful option if you wish to view the results in a spreadsheet or import them into a program like Sailwave to calculate the results for a series of races.

A CSV file is created for each start and the filenames are displayed in the notification area at the top of the page. The files themselves appear at the bottom of the page (depending on your system) so you can open them easily.

Export To HTML

You can export results to an HTML file. This is useful if you want to print the results or if you intend to upload them later to a club or event website.

Like the CSV option, a file is created for each start and the filenames are listed at the top of the display. They are saved to a system default location for downloaded files, which depends on your device (some devices have a “Downloads” folder, for example).