System Requirements

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Boat Timer is a PWA or “progressive web app”. It is essentially a web page that can be installed and used as an app, including being used with no internet connection. So its platform is a browser and it has been extensively tested with the Chrome and its open-source cousin Chromium. Firefox and Safari should also support PWAs and we hope to test them soon. A very recent version of browser is the most important requirement for Boat Timer.


Boat Timer can be used with touch-screen displays or with normal laptop screens and monitors (using a mouse).

Internet Connection

Required when signing on the first time, or when changing accounts after signing out. Not required when timing a race or producing results.

For the Cloud Service, an internet connection is required when you want to upload progress and results information, but not to time races.


Tested And Working

Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux, Android

Not Tested – Should Work

iPad, MacBook, Windows 7, recent versions of macOS and IOS, other flavours of Linux.

Not Tested – May Not Work

Versions of Windows before Windows 7, very old MacBooks, iPads or Android tablets.