The files linked to on this page allow you to customise Boat Timer in various ways. You can replace the list of countries with just your region, or change the list of classes for different handicap systems or for classes that are more often used in your location. This allows you to set up the app for your region or your racing fleet if the defaults are not helpful.

Other files will be added in the future. If you have a particular need, for example a rating/handicap system not available here, please get in touch.

Country Files

These country files replace the default list of countries with a region-specific list.

NB not all countries are listed in each area or region (but you can easily add or remove countries in the app).

Here are the links to download the country files:

Pacific/NZ/Aus, Europe, GB & Ireland, GB only, North America, South America, World

Class Files

Class files will replace your existing list of classes. This is very useful if you are using a different handicap or rating system from the defaults in the Boat Timer app.

NB If you have any boats set up already, they may be changed to “Unknown” class if the class is replaced by importing a new file.

Here are the links to download the class files:

  • The Laser only file is there to help in a situation where you want to remove the default classes in one go (as it will leave the system with only one class defined), otherwise you should not use it.
  • The IRC file gives classes that can be used for IRC yacht racing where each boat has a different rating.
  • The Weymouth file is specific to some Australian clubs which use that system.

How To Use The Files

To use the files, you use the Option – Backup – Import – Restore From File action in the app. The warnings on the restore page tell you that you will lose any existing data in Boat Timer, but for these files that is not the case as they just replace one part – either the classes or the countries – without affecting your existing races, entries or results. However the best advice is always to use the Option – Backup – Export Save all To A File action first, just in case.

To use one of these files:

  • Download the file (it has .JSON at the end of the name)
  • In Boat Timer, do Option – Backup – Import – Restore From File
  • Use the Choose File button and select the file you downloaded
  • Press the Import button and you will be taken to the race grid
  • There should be a message “Import completed successfully”
  • Check in Options – Countries or Options – Classes that the change was made

Import screen:

Countries after the change: