jettymapJettyMap is an app for phones, tablets and laptops that shows sailing club marks, courses and the course notice for a race, plus other features like buildings, labels and – of course – jettys on a zoom-able map powered by OpenstreetMap.

The JettyMap Guide (PDF) can be found here.

If you prefer a short video…

To use the app, just open the web address on your device: and on most devices there will be an “Install App” button. On Apple devices you use the “Add To Home Screen” option in the browser (there are some instructions here).

The app is free for sailors. Clubs who want to edit/add to their map can pay an annual fee of £75 that allows them to sign in and change it whenever they need to.

Some clubs use a standard set of courses and when these are added to JettyMap a new “Course” dropdown box appears below country & club. When a course is chosen, the course notice appears to tell sailors about it – this can be customised to include different types of instructions, number of laps, areas to avoid etc. A dashed line shows sailors the path between marks.

Even if your club does not use standard courses, race huts, club houses, labels, marks, start/finish lines and directions can be added.

Using JettyMap means sailors can see the race course and location of club facilities without having to find the club noticeboard.

Clubs can add different features to their map for special events, such as open meetings and open days which may need different courses or different labels and directions for visitors, such as where they should park, leave their trailer or get changed.

If your club is linking to JettyMap or embedding it in a web site, you can control the zoom level, the country and club and even remove the title box using the address like this:

which gives you this map:

Some clubs, like Bosham Sailing Club in Chichester Harbour, share some or all of their marks with other clubs such as Itchenor and Hayling Island. Shared sets of marks are called “areas” in JettyMap and allow them to be used in race courses without the marks belonging to the club. Some clubs have more than one area – Warsash has club marks and also uses the Hamble River Piles and the Solent Sea Marks.

If you think JettyMap could help your club, please get in touch:

NB I do have to check that the person wanting a JettyMap account is an officer of the club, or officially represents them.