• Using “Move Up” in Boat Timer
    How the Move Up action can help you track boats round the race course
  • Boat Timer and the Weymouth rating system
    Adding the New Zealand rating system – and other systems – to Boat Timer.
  • Defining Dinghy Classes
    All about Boat Timer Standard Class Definitions. Now that we are starting to use computers to routinely manage race information it is a good time to improve things and define a standard that different software applications can share.
  • Boat Timer – where do I start?
    New apps can be difficult to follow at first. This is a quick introduction to those thinking of using Boat Timer for the first time.
  • The first blog post: what’s the problem?
    Club dinghy racing – is there a problem? A look at what makes club sailing great, how the sport is doing and what can be done to make it better.