Boat Timer Update – Average Lap Timing

Boat Timer users will be automatically upgraded to the new version 21122 this week. This version has some minor fixes for forms and race switching and introduces Average Lap Timing.

Average Lap Timing

Previously Boat Timer used elapsed time (the time taken to go from the start to finish line) for results. However a number of clubs use average lap times instead. In this type of race, the race team sound a warning signal (similar to a “shorten course” signal) to tell sailors that the race is about to finish. The next time each boat crosses the finish line they have completed the race.

The advantage of this method is that faster boats can sail for longer in a handicap race without slower boats having to sail more laps. So it is becoming a popular way to run club races as each sailor can have roughly the same amount of time racing whatever boat they sail.

Boat Timer now supports this. In each start you can change the Timing Method from Finish Time to Average Lap Time and results will then use the average lap times and for handicap races, corrected times will be based on average laps too.

The way times are calculated is to take each boat’s average lap time and multiply it by the most laps any boat completed. This gives an elapsed time for each boat as if they had done the same number of laps. Corrected times are then calculated from the elapsed time using the rating system selected.