Boat Timer Upgrade 2021

The new Boat Timer update for 2021 will be released later this week.

Upgrades are automatic. When you open the app after the update it is downloaded in the background. The second time you open, the upgraded app will be available.

This release is a significant upgrade bringing a number of new features, including the new Cloud Services for online entries and results.

A detailed guide to this release is available on the main Boat Timer page. Here is a summary of some of the new features:

Cloud Services

  • App Sync – Boat Timer data is saved to the cloud
  • Online Entry – Sailors can enter races online
  • Online Results – Race and Series/Event results immediately available on the web

Cloud Services will be available to sailing clubs for £25 per month (or equivalent in local currency).

Boat Timer

  • Auto-Add Online Entry Requests – add online entries to the race
  • Average Points – average points can be assigned for series/event results
  • Auto-Sync – sync to the cloud can be manual or automatic
  • Event Options – scoring system and race discards controls for online results tables

2 Replies to “Boat Timer Upgrade 2021”

  1. Hi Ian. I’m not a software engineer but did produce a race management system using VBA back in 2006. Still in use today but yours looks very slick in comparison. Can I ask some questions?
    1. My solution uses a series/race number/race date and time approach whereby all the season’s races are entered at year start such that each days races are presented ‘ready to go’ to the OOD. Could we do that with Boat Timer?
    2. I use drop down boxes to select helms, crews and boats (RYA Yardstick) from datasets. I didn’t see any names in the demo? Is that by design?
    3. For pursuits, I calculate start times based on the race duration entered by the OOD. Is there something similar in Boat Timer?

    Ian, I hope you don’t mind me asking these questions. Before producing my solution, I did look at the other well known solutions but they all seemed to be based on very capable people producing regatta results some time later rather than for the the usual ‘club OOD’.

    Best regards, Brian Johnson

    1. Hi Brian – thanks for the questions – here’s my thoughts:

      (1) Yes – series are set up in the Options – Events menu. It is probably best to set up all events/series for the year first and then races after. Races are added from the Race button on the main grid.

      (2) You can add names. There is a “Sailor, Team or Boat Name” field which you can use as you like. Boats entered for a race are saved in the Boat Park so you can use the same information in other races.

      For yardsticks, when you select the class for a boat it automatically adds a yardstick number that can be used if this is a race scored using a rating system. The classes can be edited by each club in order to change the rating number or add a new rating system as not every club uses the Portsmouth Yardstick.

      (3) No, Boat Timer does not calculate pursuit start times. For pursuit races it works best if you define one start (the first one) and then time the finishes as if it is a class race.

      There is no perfect solution out there and I am always considering how to make Boat Timer simpler or whether a change to it would help club race teams. The app itself doesn’t produce series results (only race results), but you can export a CSV file and use something like Sailwave. The Cloud Services part of Boat Timer does do series results and online entry though, which avoids the extra work after the race.

      Like you, I started writing an app as I could not find a good way to time the finishes because everything else was focused on doing the results afterwards. I hope Boat Timer helps other clubs and sailors out there.

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