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Solo masts & sails

I am fairly new to Solo sailing, so I have been looking around at the various options for sails and masts.

This is a link to my spreadsheet of options found so far.

Talking to my fellow Solo sailors at Frensham it seems that the favoured setup is a Selden D+ mast and either a North or HD sail (both Dacron and laminate cloth versions are used). Though my friend John Brooker - who is lighter than average - is often at the front with a Selden C mast and an Edge sail in Dacron. My boat came with a Purple sail (no longer made - Jim Hunt who designed it is now at HD) and a North sail - both Dacron. I am not sure yet whether the laminate sails are worth the extra money - perhaps they do best on more open waters than Frensham Pond 🙂