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What's next?

Boat Timer was the first of the apps and a major new version is likely later this year. The new version of Signals uses a React/Typescript framework which makes for an app that is easier to maintain and test. Boat Timer was written before React and Typescript were so widely used, so the new version will take advantage of the new technology available now. It should not mean a lot of changes in the way it works, although some changes to the grid display, the results and the management of the information on the device are likely.

There have been some suggestions that Boat Timer should work on a phone, so I will look into that although I have steered clear of that to date as a phone screen is generally too small to show enough boats to make the app useful. But this will be looked at again.

It is possible that Timer will be hosted on Netlify in the future as this has worked well for Signals.