JettyMap Tags

When you create a Course or Directions in JettyMap it is nice to be able to format it – make some text bold, add a title, start a new line. There are special JettyMap tags you can use for this. They look like:

Bold [bold-start] and [bold-end]
Paragraph [p-start] and [p-end]
Title [title-start] and [title-end]
Subtitle [subtitle-start] and [subtitle-end]
List [list-start]and [list-end]
List Item [listitem-start] and [listitem-end]
Link [link-start], [link-text] and [link-end]
New line [new-line]

So to get a course notice that looks like this:

Start: Green North – 1p – GMp
Course: 4s 8s 2s 5s 7s 3p 9p
Laps: until shortened
Finish: Committee Boat Finish from 3

Club website is here

Your notice area looks like this:

[bold-start]Start: [bold-end]Green North – 1p – GMp
[new-line][bold-start]Course: [bold-end]4s 8s 2s 5s 7s 3p 9p
[new-line][bold-start]Laps: [bold-end]until shortened[bold-end]
[new-line][bold-start]Finish: [bold-end]Committee Boat Finish from 3
[new-line][new-line]Club website is [link-start][link-text]here[link-end]