Signals Desktop App Released

Following the release of the Signals app for Android last week, the version for laptops and desktops (ie Windows and Macbooks etc) is now here!

Signals is a free app that provides countdown and start signal automation for sailing races. It can connect to a relay via a USB cable to switch a horn on and off or connect to a micro-controller (such as an Arduino). The Arduino can also control a horn via a relay, but because the Arduino is programmable you can make it do anything you like, such as controlling lights and displays.

So if you are making a race sound system for your sailing club, you can use Signals to automate some of the sounds.

Get the new Signals Desktop App here :

Signals in action…

Signals app controlling a portable race hooter
Signals Desktop main screen
Signals Desktop countdown in progress

More about the Signals app

  • It doesn’t need an internet connection to work
  • The standard sequences of 10-5-Go and 5-4-1-Go are available
  • A training sequence of 3-2-1-Go is also available

Only on the Signals Desktop App (not on Android):

  • The sequences can be changed
  • Courtesy signals are also available (shorter warning sounds before a main signal)

More information is on the main Signals page.