Using “Move Up” in Boat Timer

On the Boat menu (the one that appears when you click on a square on the race grid) there are several options. Most are obvious: Retired, Disqualified etc but there is also Move Up. So what is it and why would you use it?

If your club’s fastest sailor gets to the first mark and capsizes, they might get to the end of the first lap in the bottom half of the fleet. As a race officer you know that he/she is going to move up through the fleet as the race progresses. At the finish, your fast sailor might be near the front of the fleet on the water but halfway down the race grid in Boat Timer. That is when Move Up is useful.

Each time you press Move Up it improves that boat’s lap time by 30 seconds. So if you use it enough times the boat will move higher up the Boat Timer race grid, making it easier to find them at the finish or at the end of the next lap. The boat has to complete at least one lap for Move Up to work – on the first lap there is no lap time to improve and the boats are just ordered by sail number and class.

Just to be clear, the Move Up action doesn’t actually change the lap time or finish time of any boat. It is only used when Boat Timer is updating the order of the boats on the race grid. But it does allow you to push boats further up the race grid to match what is happening on the water.