Boat Timer


The Boat Timer app allows race officers to track dinghies in a multi-start race around each lap on a tablet or laptop.  At the finish, just tap the boat’s finish button to record an accurate time. Results are calculated immediately using common handicap systems like Portsmouth Yardstick.

There are two options for installing the app. If you have a Windows or Apple laptop or tablet you should use option 1. If you have an Android tablet both options are available, but option 1 is still recommended.

(1) Boat Timer at

(2) Boat Timer in the Google Playstore

Boat Timer is not recommended for phones due to the small screen size.

Quick Start/Introduction

If you want a short introduction, this blog post is the best place to start.

Written Guide

The main guide to using Boat Timer is

Boat Timer Race Team Guide (PDF)

The guide for online entries and results (Cloud Services) is

Boat Timer Cloud Services Guide (PDF)

The guide to the most recent update to Boat Timer is

Boat Timer 2021 Update Guide (PDF)

Customising Countries or Handicap/Rating Systems

Boat Timer can be customised for your region or for the type of racing your club organises. You can change the list of countries the app has or completely switch the list of classes for a new list that reflects the classes and handicap systems your club uses. There is a page on customisations here.

Video Guides

The quick introduction to Boat Timer using the latest version:

Some more in-depth videos (previous version, but still relevant)

Here’s Ian’s video introduction to Boat Timer…

Getting Started video – start the app and set up your first race with a couple of starts (the setup screen has changed a little since this was recorded).

Race Timing video – using Boat Timer for a complete race…