Hz Tiller Joint

The Hz saves a capsize if you drop the tiller extension when tacking because it holds the tiller extension horizontally - the way it should be. The tiller extension stays in a reachable place when you let go and as the flexi-joint is less stressed (the angle it is used at is much less with the Hz) it lasts longer.

The Hz Tiller Joint is designed to work with different flexi-joints - mainly the Seasure Flexible but others such as Optiparts Universal also fit well. After the flexi-joint is slid into the Hz from the side it is locked in place by a clevis pin for race time peace of mind.

The curve built into the base of the Hz allows it to fit square or round tillers and the three fixing holes are designed to match both the 32mm spacing used by Holt/Barton/Allen bases and the 25mm spacing used by a Seasure base, so if you are replacing one of those bases no extra holes need to be drilled into the tiller.

The Hz base is 25mm wide and 56mm long. Overall Hz is just over 50mm wide and 36mm high.

Purchasing the Hz Tiller Joint

The current HZ Tiller Joints for sale are made in PA-12 nylon. These are very strong and have a naturally textured surface. In future, the joints will be made using a slightly different material called PETG which is as strong but cheaper to make, comes in more colours than nylon and has a less regular finish so the price will be around £5 less. At present, shipments are limited to the UK only. All fittings are designed and manufactured in the UK.

NB All purchases are done securely on the Stripe website.

Black Hz Tiller Joint (PA-12 nylon)

Grey Hz Tiller Joint (PA-12 nylon)

Prices include postage and the clevis pin, ring and spacer to lock the tiller extension in place. The joint does not come with bolts or screws to fix to the tiller (please re-use your existing ones). No VAT is charged as Rotor-RIg is not VAT-registered.



Grey PA-12 Nylon

Black PA-12 Nylon