Rotor-Rig Fittings

A selection of custom fittings. These can be produced in a number of colours when 3D printed in thermoplastic Nylon PA12 (the normal material used). Other materials can be used, depending on the 3D print facility. Some companies even offer 3D printing in carbon fibre, aluminium and rubber.

For most plastic parts MJF or SLS print systems are preferred over FDM (used by most personal 3D printers) as MJF and SLS produce fittings with a more even finish. But the capability of all types of 3D printers is evolving quickly.

Community STL Files
Most of these designs can be downloaded for free and you can 3D print your own dinghy fittings! The links to the files are listed below the design. STL Community Files are on Proton Drive. Please select the download option when the Proton Drive page opens. There is no tracking or advertising. The fittings pictured above are printed by 3DPrintUK using SLS PA12 but you can print them on your home 3D printer or use another print company such as CraftCloud or SGD.