Rope-core control guide

A hollow loop to keep control lines tidy. Designed to be added to continuous control line system using a spliceable core such as Dyneema 12 strand or 4mm continuous control line. The rope core makes this loop unusually strong. Can also use a non-spliceable core if knotted or tied instead - or even a 4 or 5mm elastic core. There are three sizes - the large one has a diameter of 58mm and can be used to keep 50mm toestraps in the right position for hiking. The medium size has a diameter of 42mm and the small has a diameter of 34mm.

Broken control guide

A sheet or control line guide based on a simple loop but with a break to make it easy to add to an existing system without cutting or untying. The two holes through the break section keep the loop secure and allow easy attachment via tying or splicing to any part of the boat. The two versions have tie holes for 4mm rope with a loop diameter of 53mm or 5mm tie holes with a loop diameter of 66mm.