Boat Signals

Quick Overview

The Signals app runs a countdown sequence on a mobile phone, tablet or computer and makes sound signals for a dinghy race start.

Signals is a free app and does not have any in-app purchases or pop-up adverts.

Rooster have kindly offered to help improve Signals and put it in front of more sailors, so it has been re-branded “Rooster Signals” and uses Rooster colours and logos.

Typically in the UK, a 10-5-Go sequence (the “ten minute countdown”) is used at many clubs and the 5-4-1-Go sequence (the “five minute countdown”) is used at other clubs and for open meetings and championships. These two options are available as defaults in Signals. Different sequences can be set up and Signals could be used for other sports too.

The app is a “Progressive Web App” or PWA which can run on any phone, tablet or laptop with an up-to-date browser. It does not need to be installed from an app store and once opened you can use the Install buttonĀ to add it as an app on your device. You do not need an internet connection to use Rooster Signals.

Get the Rooster Signals app here:

Rooster Signals

Click here for more detailed documentation on installing and using Rooster Signals and here for screenshots. The FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page is here.

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